Sunday, June 27, 2010

jaws east perth

nice i like jaws
i havnt been in years
ive decided to try the one in east perth.
nice decor
really tasty food
i tried the fifteen dollar tasting plate of sashimis
it was amazing
i also tried to udon its cheap in price
unlike everything else which seems crazily over price.
being a big eater jaws isnt the
place to go if u want to eat heaps
because it cost me 150 and i was still hungry.
the miso also is bad it tastes
like two minute cheap miso no effort
is put into it what so ever.
however on the other hand the sashimi is great.
so is the deep fried squid rings .
in all i give jaws a 7/10
id give it alot more if the prices were more reasonable
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