Sunday, June 27, 2010

tenkadori impressive and tasty

today i tried japanese for lunch.

i went to Tenkadori

its located

on Hay street in Subiaco

its a simple small stylish restaurant with amazing service

and amazing food

i was really impressed

for lunch i tried the yakitori

it was by far the best food ive ever eaten

being a monday i also recieved free miso

as they have miso mondays.

all the staff were friendly and very helpful

as they have a mix of japanese and english speaking staff

i also tried the chicken katsu and tatsuta combination (when i ordered this i didnt realized how large the meals were going to be).

it was huge

im so used to japanese restaurants serving small serves so i was impressed.

its good to they also have a good selection of beers both japanese imports and top shelf australian ones.

in all i spent 30 for lunch that was with a beer. and it was truly worth it

i give it a 9.5/10

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  1. my first blog im impressived i think ill try tenkadori for dinner next as they have a different menu. then im off to try some italian